Monday, November 24, 2008

Chek this pic out, Lord Finnesse and Fat Jido (pardon the previous layout im still tring to learn how this blogger thing works), Pic is crazy man, theres some site somewhere that has all these rappers back in the day I've forgotten where but I might try and search it after Ive posted this.

Fat Joe was an old fave of mine, a shitload of cheesy tracks and albums that fall short does tend to lessen your interest in an artist.
This is a post to snap you out of that shit and just remember the artist for who they where. I snapped out of the keep it real mode bout 6 years ago.
When I started rapping i got inspired by alot of the complex and meticulous rhymers and kinda got sick of the simple flows and 5 letter rhyming words and forgot about the sound and flow of ones style.

So here we go, 'oh well he's not sayin in anything special', its been said before, 'he's full of shit, u know all those. I got rid of my Snoop Doggy Dogg-Doggystyle, Mobb Deep, Spice 1 etc, etc,(I know what an idiot!) and listened to alot of white abel stuff and the backpack foundation label RAWKUS and kept all the classic shit like LOTUG blah blah blah. 
One time I was rapping to some friends andd some other people were there and this one girl was blown away, and she said, wow that was really interesting but it sounded more like poetry.
I was like cool....OK.......thanks, but arnt I a rapper(iwas saying to myself).
I dont know what made me go back to Gangsta shit and what i used to listen to, I guess i got sick of trying to analyse of break down and rewind the track just to understand what the fuck they were saying.
i guess it was just a phase or what was poppin at the time

Paste that shit, download that shit, bang that shit.


MsMerising said...

You and me both, bro (lol).

When I was 12 I was in LOVE with the rawness of Eazy E. My first rhymes were like a cross between Eazy and Roxanne Shante.

Than around the age of 16 I hooked up with this self-righteous New-Yorker and became a 'backpacker'.

As soon as I came to Cali and hung out with all those dudes I realized how much I hated alot of backpacker rap (this was circa 1999).

As soon as I got to Canada I could have cared less that I lost all my 'underground tapes', lol. I was just bumping older ish and the latest Jigga, Nas, Outkast and Dr. Dre.

Good times.

Unlike you, though, I didn't sell my old Snoop etc I just hid them - LMAO! When I did decide to sell it to fund my trip dudes were paying me $50 US for the 12"s...wickid!


MsMerising said...

FYI Fat Joe's battle rap during "Scary Movie" was off the CHAIN.

He's a master of the classic NYC style - good wordplay, good battle styles, good voice, and can actually rhyme on a 4x4 beat. Many of these so-called 'purists' can't even stay on beat on their ish, lol.