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Fake Bape Jumpers, poor Nigo

Take alook at this pic here, I spotted this big 6 foot bogan chick wearin this fake Bape jumper, they are everywhere. I couldnt get close enuff damm, I had a full shopping trolly as well didnt wanna piss her off I might have lost my food. Dodgy Bape jumpers have been on the market for quite some time now and have been at the Sydney markets for like 3 years or so but now they sell them in 2 dollar shops and have been for the last year, I got given one nearly 2 yrs ago and hadnt been out in while because I was working so much and discovered that kids everywear had started to wear them and got rid of the thing real fast....I gave it to my good mate Simon.....were is it now bro......thats ok if u burnt it.

Don't sleep on the Gangstress

Boss - Born Gangstaz

When I switched from cassette to cd this was one of my 1st purchases. This is the hardest album to ever be droped from a female duo, not really a duo as one only 1 did the rapping and theres not much cutting at all, Boss stands for BItchez On Some Shit!! LOL. It consisted of Boss and Dj Dee. The production was done by Def Jef, Erick Semon, Mc Search & AMG and was the first group to be signed to Def Jam west. This lp has one of my favorite tracks of all time 'process of elimination' its some fast paces funk and reminds me that I should try and chase down the sample beacuse it just that dope. Other tracks like 'deeper' & 'recipe of hoe' were quite successful, these gals never did a 2nd album 2 bad, if your complaining of hardly any good chick rappers DL this one u wont be disappointed, if u are you need to be beat by a chick.

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Eighties Electronic Hood Terror

Prodigy, Un Pachino, & Big Twin - Product of the 80's

This soon followed after one my favourite cds of the year H.N.I.C 2 by Prodigy. It has a similar sound just more 80's samples used(hence the name) and is not as dark. Alot of listeners don't follow Mobbie anymore since they had their down hill slump after 'Infamy' then further spiralling after 'Blood Money' when they signed with 50.
But even before that alot peeps wer'nt checking for 'Murder Muzik' I think pretty much because there were expecting  some style or sound progression from the hood rap they were doin....but thats what they is what it is, 'Murder Muzik was tight as fuck.
Don't get the name confused with it trying to go back to 80's hip hop, its more using 80's funk samples.Production is done moistly by Sid Roams except 'shed they blood' It has got some real different production on it, it is kinda video gamish still gritty but still in steez of its own, defiantly on some next shit. Also check 'P keep on spittin' I don't know keyboards their usin, but they keys on this are mad poltergeist, it's all that horror movie shit Alchemist be pumping into every ones heads, catch a holy ghost mahfukah!!! I read a couple of reviews and I'm really sick of nerds reviewing shit!! I think its great they came up with and 80's sounding theme and there not many rappers that can sit relaxed and sound dope on basic usage of 80's funk/R&B samples, listen to 'In a smash', 'stop stressin' you will know what I'm talking about, see if you don't rap you wont know this you fuckin herbs! 
I really like the artwork as well, I took the sticker off the cover and put that on my BMX. The only track I didn't like was 'damm daddy' the female chorus sounded corny not sexy, and I cant be fucked listen to some dude telling me how much the girls love em, because the bitchez love me(LOL) even though I got no cash, they some ugly mutherfukas with alot of natural talent.


Do you have a girlfriend or wife that wont shut up??

Well go to petsworld and buy her a pig snout to chew, I saw this when we took our daughter to petsworld to see some doggies and I saw this shit, bloody disgusting, the kid working in there said dogs love it, they love that dirty taste, well it would taste like dirt if u had tour nose in mud, shit and up your pig pen mates arse all that pork yo!!

Kosher fish in a jar

Close up it looked like a cross between fish fingers with no crumbs and pickled dried bogs. It had so much liquid in there it made me sick lookin at it so i had to post it up. I know we eat fish packed in tins but something about the glass felt wrong, actually seeing these things float around in an abundance of liquid, it was processed as well not like whole sardines, salmon, or tuna. In all my years of shopping I have hardly seen anyone buy from a Kosher section in Coles or Woolies not even alot in Bondi, I guess they have their exclusive places where they don't have to mix, oh well everyone feels comfortable with their own, but u gotta cross the line every once and while.

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The Dons of the west

Above the Law - Uncle Sams Curse

This is the only record I paid big money for. I got it for $95 from Discogs, after loosing it twice on ebay for $80, I was like fuck it, I'll just buy it and piss all the bidding off! Uncle Sams Curse has a broad range of sound on there. It has your trademark Cold 187um production were nothing is held back when it comes to using that bizarre P-Funk, Bootsy & George Clinton could easily sing over all their tracks, it also has some mellow/synth soulful joints as well, striped back with  ATL singing vocals on the hook, not some overboard vocals from a hired fuckwit like you here everyday allday these days. They definitely pull it off as it is part of there steez anyway. Back in the day whether it was soul/folk/reggae or rock it was a half decent vocal with its own style just siting nicely on the beat or in the track, now its all this vocal gymnastic crying shit, piss off Usher. Dumb fuckin kids go listen to some Anthony Hamilton and learn about some music. This is another album again I slept on and so did everyone else, I make a statement when i put albums up because I know you havn't heard them, thats the vibe I'm tryin to make here because everyone is always searching for something they haven't heard yet. I had heard the 12" 'black superman' and loved that shit, heard the beat on a Stack Bundles mixtape R.I.P., and dug the album up 12 yrs later, damm shit is crazy!! but I'm slowly runnin out tho of undiscovered nuggets. Your dope can only stretch out so far.

Real Nuggets

Kaotic Style - Streets of Brownsville

This a compilation of all their 12's and miscalaneous tracks they have layed down on Wreck records and other various white labels. The 1st time I heard these guys was on that 1st major release of Funkmaster Flex's mixtape series 60 seconds of funk, and at the time I was huge Smoothe the Hustler fan and they were their boys so i was like yeah, yeah, I wanna hear these cats. There are some crazy tracks on here as usual cuz I dont upload nothing thin, crazy 95 shit my favourite tracks gotta be, 'put your ear in the flavour' , 'tales from the sex side', '6mc's' 'down 4 whatever' and the MEGA CHILL, JAZZY, BUTTERLACIOUS, 'player' which features Big Jaz other know as Jaz-O!!!! Then also check the murderous drama bring vibe of 'brother to brother' featuring Smoothe & Trigga, and my last recommendation the 'da ones' featuring Memphis Bleek and the cool thing is that he still sounds the same as when he was reppin with Jay-Z and this was before that period. I'm not sure who did all the production on their tracks but Some of it was from DR Period and the rest was in house and at the time shit is up there with the rest of notch, I love this shit. 

Crazy Vampire Zombie Kids

Here is my wife's Lil cousins. I was so astounded by these bizarre horror faces they pulled, i loved them so much I had to post them up, they are both cute kids when they are not pulling these faces......hhahahahah...

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The back pack has got a hidden compartment

Evidence - The Weatherman LP

First let me say that I love the artwork on this cover......I followed Dialated from the beginning when they were releasing 12's. The 1st album came out and I enjoyed for a little and then was kinda over them a bit, but always recognised their talent, it just became a bit too formulated for me and plus backpacker rap just got played out and too nerdy for me, A whole lotta dudes not being able to digest the fact that black people made this music and it comes for the street. When Ev started doin all this stuff with Alchemist thats when i was like yeah I be fuckin with this cat again, so I back track like  3 albums that i didn't bother checkin of dialated and was really impressed by the last one '20/20' which got slagged on a bit?????  Yeah because it was less back pack! fuckin idots, maybe too street.
Ev got them crazy beats from Sid Roams which is Joey Chavez, ALCHEMIST, Jake One, Babu and the man of the moment Micheal Peretta the man himself. I usually try to stay away from posting stuff I might think that people have already heard or own but I really like this album from beginning to end and will continue to support Ev's efforts.

Password is

Still makin it 4 dem

Double X - Ruff Rugged & Raw

I remember my mate from way back Jih know as Dj Sefu, used to rave on about this album when it came out, but a never gota copy. This is one of those albums that you just forgot about over time, until something reminds you of it then you pick it up. They have an album before this one which is longer and bit more funkier hence the time it was released around 1992. This lp was done in 95 and hip hop had changed alot since 92, but they dropped the posse from their name but still crafted those bangers that they were know for. Alot of people would be like, 'damm they still doin the same shit' ,well nobody wants to go out UMC's did on 'unleashed' and switch thir shit up to the current and fuck it up, so what they did is just make it heavier and touched it up alot, you know what they say stick to what u know.
The mc Sugar Ray kicks hard 24-7 but still keeps the funk flow down, I can imagine this guy ruling the ciphr and bystanders hands with straight arms be poppin up and down to his verbals, somthin like a film clip, this is defiantly boom bap Hip Hop. Production was in house and one track was done buy Lord Finesse 'money talks' but the whole thing got mad Finesse influence.. They were on Big Beat records the same label as Mad Skillz, Artifacts & Real Live what a fuckin roster! Its hard to shine when your put up against the best, but there is a place for every ones taste to find good spot to eat at.

Check it owwuutt

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Big Bad Bitch

Betty Davis-They say I'm Different

Betty Davis, Miles Davis's wife...She is a tall big woman with a bad ass voice and every time I think of her I picture her and Miles having sex and she's smashing his poor little heroin(and talented) body into the mattress! hahahah, no seriously now this album is a funk powerhouse from the 1st track  grabs you and makes u crease your brow and nod your head 'shoo-b-doop and cop him' is the 1st track and was sampled for Ice Cubes classic 'Once upon a time in the projects' my favourite Cube track hands down, I dont care what u say. Im gona post up the front and the back of the record cover because  I love it that much. other tracks like 'he was a big freak' & 'ya mama wants ya back speak for them selves, this album goes in the top 20 albums of funk real easy....Im sick of typing...i got shit to do.

open the windows and see further

Led Zeppelin- Physical Graffiti

My father had this record and when my parents got divorced around about when I was.....13, he left a stack of records behind there were only about 5-6 of them and he hadn't had a record player for years. This was one of them, he didnt want them any more neither did I so i sold them for a small amount of cash because thats when I started buying music, I needed my fix
Like any kid most of the time u find a genre and stick to it at till your at least 20 or so and then u venture out, besides Glam Rock Hip hop was my love till I was like 22 and then I started venturing out. I got into Rock & Punk from skating again, being exposed to alot of videos with music I have never heard before, and it happen to be the cream. I had always heard of Led Zep seen dudes wearing the T's and though it was some messy loud shit I wouldn't get into. Black Sabbath, Misfits, The Stooges( I used to see Iggy Pop and flip, like what the fuck) and Black Flag were the groups responsible for opening my void. I never had any direction just my own taste buds and jumped in. Alot my Hip hop mates were like wat the the fuck, but Id look at them like what the fuck u narrow minded idiot!
I couldn't find  link to Black Sabbath's  'sabbath bloody sabbath' so I got the next best thing, this beauty right here. I have a copy on Og vinyl which I did buy and really regret selling my Dads copy I might have discovered rock alot sooner in a raw fashion, and I remember being a amused as a youngin by the cover, it has windows cut into the card board cover were they are supposed to be on the building artwork, with a record sleeve with pictures and words on it that act as words and art peeping through the holes in the cover....hectik...heres some pics

This lp is 15 tracks deep and i didnt love all the songs on here but enough to give it 8.5, it has the classic track 'Kashmir' (used by Puffy the great wrecka) and my fave 'the wanton song' and right now my daughter and I are boogin on down to 'houses of the holy' cuz I caught her movin her leg to the beat! My little 21 month yr old, god bless her! 
this album gets better as u listen. then lets down in the middle and then picks back up. Led Zeppelin have mastered blues rock if u can call it that and are capable of producing albums with amazing dynamics, I know for alot of you who might read this blog might not dig it but just give it a try, as we all do go through and pick ya faves. peace

Sorting thru the new jungle of shit

Strong Arm Steady - Gang Mentality

Of all the mixtapes in the last year I have had on my Ipod as a whole I felt that this one was the best. For those who dont know who Strong Arm Steady is they are Talib Kweli's outfit and consist of:

Mitchy Slick:the sharp tongues sandiago senator

Phil Da Agony:Barber Shop emc with the cannabis resin rugged off beat rant

Krondon:The Albino Magilla Gorilla with the baritone Rasp

Like papoose said, I got mixtapes better than your album, this one here fits the line. All word class quality bangers here with each member rocking a different style. Xzibit was also a member of the group but seems to have left THANK GOD!!!!THANK BUDDAH and SAI BUBA(sup Swarmy) I know it sounds hard but he hasn't released a good album since his 1st lp and Im not keepin it real, Im keepin it true. The opening track 'Sixteen' is real big with these fucked up organ sounds and surprisingly good sounding minimal autotune chorus(I hate that shit) and features Paul wall, the next highlight track is 'Black History' were each rapper talks about there family tree and their achievements...Dope....another thing bout this tape is it interludes, they are funny as fuck, listen out for the Dora the explorer shout out, u might not find it funny at 1st but the more I listened the more funny I thought it was. Not too sure bout Mitchy Slick but Krondon and Phil da Agony have been for around spittin on the scene for about 6-7 years. Phil got his light from reppin with the Liks and around the underground scene and I remember seeing a Krondon 12" white label about 6 yrs ago or so. Mitchy Slick also has a dope album called Urban Survival Syndrome which I will post up.Thats another talkin from me, cuz I dont even know whether u Reading or not.
Oh And Big Shouts to my Homeboy DJ SNIPs he's been workin with them, I'll put some of his tapes up too!! Stay logged up yo !!! 


Mr Clean  

heres da linkos     p://

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Lil Jamal grows up, but were is he now???

Jamal- Last chance, No breaks

Do u remeber Illegal?
Besides Da Youngstas they were the best kid rap group. Jamal kept his east coast residence with the Def Squad which is Redman, Keith Murry and Sermon while the other half Mr Malik moved to the west coast and got affiliated with Death Row(check the track on Snoop Doggs 'Doggystyle', Pump Pump',  DAMM talk about been in good company...smokin wit the big boyz. Well this album here is produced by Rockwilder, N.O. Joe (Rap-A-Lot), Easy Moe Bee, and Erick Sermon, and shows the young emc maturing in flow and a lil experience, Pete Rock also did a remix for the track "fades them all' which is a sure shot banger. Its 11 cuts deep with only 1-2 average tracks the rest is awesome, shame he never did anything else to my knowledge, maybe he's locked up with Chi-Ali or sending lil g's to store for blunts, I don't know maybe he's gota business or somthin , check it out!

and the Nu underground award goe.....

The P Brothers

Big shout to Sleeping Monk and Sandro for putting me on to this no nonsense straight up grimy NY street rap. The P Bros are some producers from England working with some spittas from NY,  Boss Money, Milano, Roc Marciano, Sam Hill & Ress Connected. For those wanting a trip back to 96 this is the train to catch........oh this is for u Riq make sure u leave a comment bangsat malis

The freedom of Blogging

Rated M


Sorry/thanks i just had to I couldnt help my self, people want u too read there blogs and posting up pics like doesn't help, pics like this makes them close up the page open another one with porn and open a bottle of there favourite spankmasta oil. Maybe an Uzi in the face with Darlenes cousin might force u to read on!

Penthouse Players Clique

Im still speaking to people who haven't heard this, produced by Dj Quik and executive producer was Eazy-E released in 1992, I originally had this on cassette, then cd and now on vinyl(sealed) it is my all time favourite sleeper. Mr Cartoon also did the logo for them it was one of his 1st jobs, dope from beginning to end.
No rapper has a better pimped out vocal than Tweed Cadillac and spits like sinning reverend at the Tabernacle of a gangsta gospel sunday night service, u wanna argue the point then download the link, cuz this cat came before Snoop.
With guest appearance by Quik, AMG & Eazy -E this easily slots in nicely next to 'Born & raised in Compton' and  EFIL4ZAGGIN. Songs like 'P.L.F.' , "pimp lane', 'Smooth', (which samples the hit from The Emotions hit 'So i can love you') and 'jus 2 kep yo attenchen' make u feel like u your pimp kane is doin the wobble with the beat. Then u got the straight up pimp slap tracks like 'PS Phuck u' , 'Jus 2 kep ur attenchun' & 'trust no bitch' and also has some nice interludes to drink ya Yak to LOL.....
The album made it to #1 on the Heatseakers chart for Billboard which is section that focuses on up and coming artist predicted to make noise. This a fun album with a funk out pimp vibe, if you are looking for cutting edge or intelligent lyrics this is the wrong area for u to be in.

House of the dead OVERKILL

I have had alot of fun with this game. It is only on Nintendo Wii, which I bought for my son. We have a Xbox 360 & PS3 so I usually buy for those consoles because the Wii usually is good for the kids or the classic Nintendo titles
This month after the disappointment of Resident Evil 5 and I decides to go with this after the salesman told me Tarintino had something to do with this release! Apparently this game has Guinness book record for the most cussing in a game. The way the cut scenes and the music are its done like its suposed to be a grindhouse flick even the way they do the menus with the messed up 8 milli film reel wash. I have yet to see wether Tarintino has anything to really do with the game or that was his sales pitch, but when he told me that I said I'll take it. Im on the 2nd last stage and when u finnish it u get unlock Varla Guns big tits and the Directors cut which is like a Harder version of the game with extra zombies and more guns. If u do have a Wii get this asap its the real reason why we play games to have fun

Funkadelics 1st Album

The 1st album which is my fave Funk/soul/rock album of all time, it has been sampled the fuck out off and also really love the album cover....cant be bothered elaborating been typing for too long this morning......enjoy.

do ya self a favour

On My MCM shit

Man I feel like a bit of a prodie tosser postin up stuff on clothes, but for those who arnt famillar with MCM u gotta see this shit. MCM is a german label that started in 70's and became the cream shit for B-Boys in the 80's and who ever could afford it, and still today is influencing hip hop fashion and who ever is doing hip hop fashion but not catering to heads.
I guess u could say its the Louis V  for the B-Boy (fuck i respect but hate this term for the way Breaking has gone), MCM still exists but they dont do clothing just womens hand bags Sheiiitt!! I saw the brown jacked below on ebay for starting bid of $700....damm..even if i made $2000 a week I wouldnt spend that money.

Heres some pics for u mad style rockas to check

Evidence knows the deal, not the dude on the left.

East Bay Crack

I remember seeing this album many times in the Source & Rap Pages and thought that alligator shit was mad corny, who the fuck is this guy, and passed it off as low budget gangsta rapper release. I also didn't make the connection with the track" all bout my fetti' which he featured on the 'New Jersey Drive' soundtrack, which he appeared on with some other bay area spittas on there. This album was also on Relativity records which was the label that Fat Joe, Chi Ali & Beatnuts were signed to but I also over looked that as well. 

Fast forward 8 yrs later I get mega g-eed up (thanks to Blogs which i was late gettin into) I start checkin all the gangsta shit i missed out on and i find this gold nugget! 
The 1st track 'lets get a telly' is some heavy ass raw bay area funk,  you wont hear a track like this again or on the rest of the album (check the YouTube clip its worth checkin not like alot G shit clips), the rest of it is just classic skrilla huntin player shit from da bay! 
With production from Ant Banks (Big BAd ass) & Cold 187um  how can you go wrong.
Check 'straight laced', and 'serve game' were he uses a Souls of Mischief sample for the chorus and also Krs-One on some other songs, this is quite rare were a gangsta rapper would use other genres of hip hop for musical flavour and the Clinton steeze chorus on 'opening doors'. 
I chased a copy on ebay and was terribly disappointed. I paid $50 bucks for it and the pressing is the worse I have to date, this album is the reason i bought a mixer so i could get more gain on my amp, this was an investment because other pressings that weren't so bad I got more volume on. I checked the 2nd album and was really disappointed thinking I was finding a consecutive nugget find, he's done some stuff with Mac Dre, Celly Cel, and Spice 1 I still haven't checked yet, anyway here's the album for your mp3 pleasure maybe when a got an extra stash of cash I might get a copy of ebay or amazon on cd.

Peace, don't hate the funk just criticise when u take your dump

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I want you to have these

The Rick James of Rap AMG

AMG-Bitch Better HAve My Money-1991

Classic bootyshake P-Funk funny shit

R.I.P Stack Bundles

Stack Bundles-My life is like a movie-2006

This is his best tape, just ignore Jim Jones
and listen to Stack & Max B

Nature-Pain Killer-2008

Some new Q.U. gutter shit produced by Scram Jones

Threat- Sickinnahead 1994

Underground west coast classic

Thursday, January 1, 2009

CD Long Box Diggin

Remember these! what an awesome marketing tool for the die hard artwork fan. When they did the boxes I was still buying cassette tape, cuz obviously my parents couldn't afford to buy me a CD player and probably thought I was doin fine with cassettes. When I got one of my 1st jobs i saved up and bought a cd player, I have a photo somewhere taken around 93-94 and I'm trying to find and it, its a pic of my 1st 6 cd's I bought displayed on top of my new sony CD player and speakers.
I bought the speakers from Brashes, that place was mad for rackin tapes from, and the CD player from Sony Central in Town Hall which is still there WHATS UP GORDON!! You could only get the cd boxes from Central Station records (that place was mad for racking as well) probably thats why they went broke. I used to look up behind the counter and get so jealous I couldn't get the cd's. I got these here on ebay 1nce again and they are quite hard to find (have a try) I saw Freddie Foxx and Craig G boxes but they were too pricey, and also nearly bought Paris-Sleeping with the Enemy. I used to have the Showbiz & AG-Runaway Slave box (got given) for years displayed on my shelf but must of lost it moving or something, SPEWING HARD!!!

If anyone has some please post them up that would be cool 

Audi 5000000

Mega Tweaked out G-Funk

I just recently got this album of ebay for like $5 along with LL Cool J's Mamma said knock you out for $5 as well. I'm gonna do a bargain post for you millionaire suckas out there!! This album came out 2 months after The Chronic and bears a heavy resemblance of Dre's classic.. They were both from the same camps and I'm sure they were still vibin off each other. This is just more full and heavy with Zapp-esque sounds and less synths. I like this album because I love ATL and also u wanna talk pimp shit and actually sound like a pimp these guys sound the part (along with Penthouse Players Clique) but it is not as good as The Chronic, the good thing about the Chronic was that it had mad dynamics for a west coast album. The thing I like about this lp is that it has instrumentals that go for like 1 minute or so before the track drops its main structure and also each track bridges into each other. When I 1st heard this album I remember not liking it, thinking it was too all over the place, alot of heads out there might find that this is happening to you as well because we all had sophmore expectations back in the day and were disappointed, but those same lp's we rejected we now appreciate because they are not making anything like that anymore.

I read some post on and there was a survey on whether G-Funk ruined west coast rap????  ARE U FUCKIN SERIOUS!!!! Thank god most of the post were positive, but of course there were a couple keep it real bible bashers(i hate u fuckboi backpackers suck my dillsnick) saying yes it did, before these albums west coast was closer to east coast rap and albums like this helped make its own sound. Why would a whole coast wanna sound the same, anyway check it out and get back to me, oh yeah I got my George town hoyas hat on back and my new age locs on keep the steez runnin and keep the steez killin

Kill the cussin and listen 2 percussion

So this is my attempt to listen to music with less or no cussin in it. This right here is the Motown Complete No.1's box set. It contains all their hits from beginning to the end of their label, from the mid 60's to like 1997.
Hmmmm No.1 hits you say, yes back in the day music was a hit because it was great not because it was trendy or had a good clip. Check the packaging out, this is a replica cardboard house of the OG studio that Berry Gordy owned and recorded a large amount of these songs in. This is the house that built!! It has 10 discs set in chronological order with gatefold cardboard casing and a book with basic track details of the 300+ something with some awesome photos on every second page, I've scanned some of them here. There are some extra soft songs on there that I do skip and but all in all it is a great complilation of music and thees a shit load of songs I've never heard, Ive never heard J.R Walker and man the 2 songs on there shieeetttt!
One of the other things that made me purchase this set was I have just recently watched a doco called 'Standing in the shadows of Motown', which is about the Funk Brothers. They were a 12 something piece band that played all the music for most of the Motown artists and hardly got any lime light of credit, weird. They so f-ing talented and a bunch of likable dudes. It features performances with the OG band with all that are still alive (god bless the ones who have passed on) with modern day artists such as Gerald Levert, Michelle N'dechello, and Ben Harper(wasn't a fan until i saw this) and many more, it had me crankin my amp and enjoying some live shit which i havn't done in a while. I really suggest you check this out.

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This blog thing is great but I have no patience, I can't get the pics to sit in the right places and the thing works backwards so if your doing a following blog it goes up by date so its backwards, and also it doesnt give u the option to move the blogs around obviously, so I guess I gotta work backwards  RRRAAAAHHHHH!!!

If you have checked my blog please read it from the start, as now I will work backwards and rack my fucking brain. Backwards ass mofokas!

Heres my pic of the post! My all time fave Raekwon.
Chek that crazy ass stash, what a crazy ass spitta for puttin that on the net, i'd be p-noid as fuck doin that shit. Here is also his mega slept on 3rd studio album %70 of it is crazy dope. I got promo on lp.