Monday, April 20, 2009

Eighties Electronic Hood Terror

Prodigy, Un Pachino, & Big Twin - Product of the 80's

This soon followed after one my favourite cds of the year H.N.I.C 2 by Prodigy. It has a similar sound just more 80's samples used(hence the name) and is not as dark. Alot of listeners don't follow Mobbie anymore since they had their down hill slump after 'Infamy' then further spiralling after 'Blood Money' when they signed with 50.
But even before that alot peeps wer'nt checking for 'Murder Muzik' I think pretty much because there were expecting  some style or sound progression from the hood rap they were doin....but thats what they is what it is, 'Murder Muzik was tight as fuck.
Don't get the name confused with it trying to go back to 80's hip hop, its more using 80's funk samples.Production is done moistly by Sid Roams except 'shed they blood' It has got some real different production on it, it is kinda video gamish still gritty but still in steez of its own, defiantly on some next shit. Also check 'P keep on spittin' I don't know keyboards their usin, but they keys on this are mad poltergeist, it's all that horror movie shit Alchemist be pumping into every ones heads, catch a holy ghost mahfukah!!! I read a couple of reviews and I'm really sick of nerds reviewing shit!! I think its great they came up with and 80's sounding theme and there not many rappers that can sit relaxed and sound dope on basic usage of 80's funk/R&B samples, listen to 'In a smash', 'stop stressin' you will know what I'm talking about, see if you don't rap you wont know this you fuckin herbs! 
I really like the artwork as well, I took the sticker off the cover and put that on my BMX. The only track I didn't like was 'damm daddy' the female chorus sounded corny not sexy, and I cant be fucked listen to some dude telling me how much the girls love em, because the bitchez love me(LOL) even though I got no cash, they some ugly mutherfukas with alot of natural talent.

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