Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fake Bape Jumpers, poor Nigo

Take alook at this pic here, I spotted this big 6 foot bogan chick wearin this fake Bape jumper, they are everywhere. I couldnt get close enuff damm, I had a full shopping trolly as well didnt wanna piss her off I might have lost my food. Dodgy Bape jumpers have been on the market for quite some time now and have been at the Sydney markets for like 3 years or so but now they sell them in 2 dollar shops and have been for the last year, I got given one nearly 2 yrs ago and hadnt been out in while because I was working so much and discovered that kids everywear had started to wear them and got rid of the thing real fast....I gave it to my good mate Simon.....were is it now bro......thats ok if u burnt it.


ghettoflower said...

Haha 2 dolla 2 dolla Fape jumper bargain!!!!!!!!!!!!

hypnotizeminds_2003 said...

Seeng them has been the bane of my existence dude, especially those first baby milo ones... they were my shit :(