Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This blog thing is great but I have no patience, I can't get the pics to sit in the right places and the thing works backwards so if your doing a following blog it goes up by date so its backwards, and also it doesnt give u the option to move the blogs around obviously, so I guess I gotta work backwards  RRRAAAAHHHHH!!!

If you have checked my blog please read it from the start, as now I will work backwards and rack my fucking brain. Backwards ass mofokas!

Heres my pic of the post! My all time fave Raekwon.
Chek that crazy ass stash, what a crazy ass spitta for puttin that on the net, i'd be p-noid as fuck doin that shit. Here is also his mega slept on 3rd studio album %70 of it is crazy dope. I got promo on lp.

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