Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kill the cussin and listen 2 percussion

So this is my attempt to listen to music with less or no cussin in it. This right here is the Motown Complete No.1's box set. It contains all their hits from beginning to the end of their label, from the mid 60's to like 1997.
Hmmmm No.1 hits you say, yes back in the day music was a hit because it was great not because it was trendy or had a good clip. Check the packaging out, this is a replica cardboard house of the OG studio that Berry Gordy owned and recorded a large amount of these songs in. This is the house that built!! It has 10 discs set in chronological order with gatefold cardboard casing and a book with basic track details of the 300+ something with some awesome photos on every second page, I've scanned some of them here. There are some extra soft songs on there that I do skip and but all in all it is a great complilation of music and thees a shit load of songs I've never heard, Ive never heard J.R Walker and man the 2 songs on there shieeetttt!
One of the other things that made me purchase this set was I have just recently watched a doco called 'Standing in the shadows of Motown', which is about the Funk Brothers. They were a 12 something piece band that played all the music for most of the Motown artists and hardly got any lime light of credit, weird. They so f-ing talented and a bunch of likable dudes. It features performances with the OG band with all that are still alive (god bless the ones who have passed on) with modern day artists such as Gerald Levert, Michelle N'dechello, and Ben Harper(wasn't a fan until i saw this) and many more, it had me crankin my amp and enjoying some live shit which i havn't done in a while. I really suggest you check this out.

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