Thursday, January 1, 2009

CD Long Box Diggin

Remember these! what an awesome marketing tool for the die hard artwork fan. When they did the boxes I was still buying cassette tape, cuz obviously my parents couldn't afford to buy me a CD player and probably thought I was doin fine with cassettes. When I got one of my 1st jobs i saved up and bought a cd player, I have a photo somewhere taken around 93-94 and I'm trying to find and it, its a pic of my 1st 6 cd's I bought displayed on top of my new sony CD player and speakers.
I bought the speakers from Brashes, that place was mad for rackin tapes from, and the CD player from Sony Central in Town Hall which is still there WHATS UP GORDON!! You could only get the cd boxes from Central Station records (that place was mad for racking as well) probably thats why they went broke. I used to look up behind the counter and get so jealous I couldn't get the cd's. I got these here on ebay 1nce again and they are quite hard to find (have a try) I saw Freddie Foxx and Craig G boxes but they were too pricey, and also nearly bought Paris-Sleeping with the Enemy. I used to have the Showbiz & AG-Runaway Slave box (got given) for years displayed on my shelf but must of lost it moving or something, SPEWING HARD!!!

If anyone has some please post them up that would be cool 

Audi 5000000


Walk said...

Hey Dude - Dj Shadow has some of the Paris ones for sale - he must have some spares as he produced on it - on sale to $9.72 AUS + postage = bargain

Mr Clean said...

yeah i was biddin on 1, but i pulled out, for real Shadow shieeett!!!

Thanks for leaving comment dude

Anonymous said...