Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mega Tweaked out G-Funk

I just recently got this album of ebay for like $5 along with LL Cool J's Mamma said knock you out for $5 as well. I'm gonna do a bargain post for you millionaire suckas out there!! This album came out 2 months after The Chronic and bears a heavy resemblance of Dre's classic.. They were both from the same camps and I'm sure they were still vibin off each other. This is just more full and heavy with Zapp-esque sounds and less synths. I like this album because I love ATL and also u wanna talk pimp shit and actually sound like a pimp these guys sound the part (along with Penthouse Players Clique) but it is not as good as The Chronic, the good thing about the Chronic was that it had mad dynamics for a west coast album. The thing I like about this lp is that it has instrumentals that go for like 1 minute or so before the track drops its main structure and also each track bridges into each other. When I 1st heard this album I remember not liking it, thinking it was too all over the place, alot of heads out there might find that this is happening to you as well because we all had sophmore expectations back in the day and were disappointed, but those same lp's we rejected we now appreciate because they are not making anything like that anymore.

I read some post on and there was a survey on whether G-Funk ruined west coast rap????  ARE U FUCKIN SERIOUS!!!! Thank god most of the post were positive, but of course there were a couple keep it real bible bashers(i hate u fuckboi backpackers suck my dillsnick) saying yes it did, before these albums west coast was closer to east coast rap and albums like this helped make its own sound. Why would a whole coast wanna sound the same, anyway check it out and get back to me, oh yeah I got my George town hoyas hat on back and my new age locs on keep the steez runnin and keep the steez killin

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