Thursday, April 16, 2009

and the Nu underground award goe.....

The P Brothers

Big shout to Sleeping Monk and Sandro for putting me on to this no nonsense straight up grimy NY street rap. The P Bros are some producers from England working with some spittas from NY,  Boss Money, Milano, Roc Marciano, Sam Hill & Ress Connected. For those wanting a trip back to 96 this is the train to catch........oh this is for u Riq make sure u leave a comment bangsat malis


Joseph said...

Alright brah - track by track... (on first listen)

Gas - N/A
Cold World - Not really grimy but mad deep shit. 5/5
Late Night - Not really my thing, bit boring, but alright track - 3/5
Outta Control - Nice soul sample at the beginning, good grimy raps, feeling it - 4/5
Got on me - Nice beat, above average rapping, good punch lines. Remind me of mid 90's underground NY rap - 4
Emptiness - N/A
New Religion - So far Boss Money clearly the best rappers on here. Nice beat and good hook. Who are these guys? - 5/5
Digital B-Boy - Nah not my thing. - 2/5
Caviar - Nah not feeling this one either. 2/5
Blam Blam for Notingham - I know the opening part of the beat from somewhere. The beat switch after that is no good. Not as good as the other boss money tracks - 2/5
Shoot em down - Reggae type hook. Nice grimy track . Like it - 3/5
In a Zone - There's a lot of variation in the beat, good rapping. hooks a bit weak but string track. 4/5
Boss Money Gangsters - Another stand out track. great beat, great rapping. Definitely will check for these guys in the future. Mix of thug rap and deep shit. 5/5
Don't question me - Rapping is and hook are pretty average but the beat carries the song. 3/5
Spirit - N/A

Good album, definitely not straight boom bap. Boss Money tracks stand out to me.

4/5 on the strength of the good tracks and production. Only listened once so we'll see if the "weaker" tracks grow on me.

Mr Clean said...

Thanks joe for the comments and review much appreciated!

Good to hear what u got to say, breakin things down and all that

u gave it a 4/5 so i gave u somthin good hope it grows on ya

peace cuz

Jayc2016 said...

I enjoyed it, especially the boss money tracks... I'll keep the album on repeat for a minute, me thinks.

Did you see my message about South Central Cartel and Penthouse Players?