Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lil Jamal grows up, but were is he now???

Jamal- Last chance, No breaks

Do u remeber Illegal?
Besides Da Youngstas they were the best kid rap group. Jamal kept his east coast residence with the Def Squad which is Redman, Keith Murry and Sermon while the other half Mr Malik moved to the west coast and got affiliated with Death Row(check the track on Snoop Doggs 'Doggystyle', Pump Pump',  DAMM talk about been in good company...smokin wit the big boyz. Well this album here is produced by Rockwilder, N.O. Joe (Rap-A-Lot), Easy Moe Bee, and Erick Sermon, and shows the young emc maturing in flow and a lil experience, Pete Rock also did a remix for the track "fades them all' which is a sure shot banger. Its 11 cuts deep with only 1-2 average tracks the rest is awesome, shame he never did anything else to my knowledge, maybe he's locked up with Chi-Ali or sending lil g's to store for blunts, I don't know maybe he's gota business or somthin , check it out!

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