Saturday, April 18, 2009

The back pack has got a hidden compartment

Evidence - The Weatherman LP

First let me say that I love the artwork on this cover......I followed Dialated from the beginning when they were releasing 12's. The 1st album came out and I enjoyed for a little and then was kinda over them a bit, but always recognised their talent, it just became a bit too formulated for me and plus backpacker rap just got played out and too nerdy for me, A whole lotta dudes not being able to digest the fact that black people made this music and it comes for the street. When Ev started doin all this stuff with Alchemist thats when i was like yeah I be fuckin with this cat again, so I back track like  3 albums that i didn't bother checkin of dialated and was really impressed by the last one '20/20' which got slagged on a bit?????  Yeah because it was less back pack! fuckin idots, maybe too street.
Ev got them crazy beats from Sid Roams which is Joey Chavez, ALCHEMIST, Jake One, Babu and the man of the moment Micheal Peretta the man himself. I usually try to stay away from posting stuff I might think that people have already heard or own but I really like this album from beginning to end and will continue to support Ev's efforts.

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Mr Clean said...

I coped this album by purchace tho, sori Ev