Saturday, April 18, 2009

Still makin it 4 dem

Double X - Ruff Rugged & Raw

I remember my mate from way back Jih know as Dj Sefu, used to rave on about this album when it came out, but a never gota copy. This is one of those albums that you just forgot about over time, until something reminds you of it then you pick it up. They have an album before this one which is longer and bit more funkier hence the time it was released around 1992. This lp was done in 95 and hip hop had changed alot since 92, but they dropped the posse from their name but still crafted those bangers that they were know for. Alot of people would be like, 'damm they still doin the same shit' ,well nobody wants to go out UMC's did on 'unleashed' and switch thir shit up to the current and fuck it up, so what they did is just make it heavier and touched it up alot, you know what they say stick to what u know.
The mc Sugar Ray kicks hard 24-7 but still keeps the funk flow down, I can imagine this guy ruling the ciphr and bystanders hands with straight arms be poppin up and down to his verbals, somthin like a film clip, this is defiantly boom bap Hip Hop. Production was in house and one track was done buy Lord Finesse 'money talks' but the whole thing got mad Finesse influence.. They were on Big Beat records the same label as Mad Skillz, Artifacts & Real Live what a fuckin roster! Its hard to shine when your put up against the best, but there is a place for every ones taste to find good spot to eat at.

Check it owwuutt

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