Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Dons of the west

Above the Law - Uncle Sams Curse

This is the only record I paid big money for. I got it for $95 from Discogs, after loosing it twice on ebay for $80, I was like fuck it, I'll just buy it and piss all the bidding off! Uncle Sams Curse has a broad range of sound on there. It has your trademark Cold 187um production were nothing is held back when it comes to using that bizarre P-Funk, Bootsy & George Clinton could easily sing over all their tracks, it also has some mellow/synth soulful joints as well, striped back with  ATL singing vocals on the hook, not some overboard vocals from a hired fuckwit like you here everyday allday these days. They definitely pull it off as it is part of there steez anyway. Back in the day whether it was soul/folk/reggae or rock it was a half decent vocal with its own style just siting nicely on the beat or in the track, now its all this vocal gymnastic crying shit, piss off Usher. Dumb fuckin kids go listen to some Anthony Hamilton and learn about some music. This is another album again I slept on and so did everyone else, I make a statement when i put albums up because I know you havn't heard them, thats the vibe I'm tryin to make here because everyone is always searching for something they haven't heard yet. I had heard the 12" 'black superman' and loved that shit, heard the beat on a Stack Bundles mixtape R.I.P., and dug the album up 12 yrs later, damm shit is crazy!! but I'm slowly runnin out tho of undiscovered nuggets. Your dope can only stretch out so far.


Can't Draw said...

imma check this out. Thanks for the RS link homie.

Art work is nice. DAYMM..

Jayc2016 said...

"You've got to have heart to live in Cali yoooooo..

You've got to have the fly shit to live in Cali yooooo..

It will cost you a grip to live in Cali yoooooo..

See the hoes be legit when you live in Cali yoooooo.."

haha.. you know I'm the Leb superman though ?:)

Hey you check out that G-Side I uploaded for you?