Sunday, April 19, 2009

Real Nuggets

Kaotic Style - Streets of Brownsville

This a compilation of all their 12's and miscalaneous tracks they have layed down on Wreck records and other various white labels. The 1st time I heard these guys was on that 1st major release of Funkmaster Flex's mixtape series 60 seconds of funk, and at the time I was huge Smoothe the Hustler fan and they were their boys so i was like yeah, yeah, I wanna hear these cats. There are some crazy tracks on here as usual cuz I dont upload nothing thin, crazy 95 shit my favourite tracks gotta be, 'put your ear in the flavour' , 'tales from the sex side', '6mc's' 'down 4 whatever' and the MEGA CHILL, JAZZY, BUTTERLACIOUS, 'player' which features Big Jaz other know as Jaz-O!!!! Then also check the murderous drama bring vibe of 'brother to brother' featuring Smoothe & Trigga, and my last recommendation the 'da ones' featuring Memphis Bleek and the cool thing is that he still sounds the same as when he was reppin with Jay-Z and this was before that period. I'm not sure who did all the production on their tracks but Some of it was from DR Period and the rest was in house and at the time shit is up there with the rest of notch, I love this shit. 

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