Thursday, April 16, 2009

East Bay Crack

I remember seeing this album many times in the Source & Rap Pages and thought that alligator shit was mad corny, who the fuck is this guy, and passed it off as low budget gangsta rapper release. I also didn't make the connection with the track" all bout my fetti' which he featured on the 'New Jersey Drive' soundtrack, which he appeared on with some other bay area spittas on there. This album was also on Relativity records which was the label that Fat Joe, Chi Ali & Beatnuts were signed to but I also over looked that as well. 

Fast forward 8 yrs later I get mega g-eed up (thanks to Blogs which i was late gettin into) I start checkin all the gangsta shit i missed out on and i find this gold nugget! 
The 1st track 'lets get a telly' is some heavy ass raw bay area funk,  you wont hear a track like this again or on the rest of the album (check the YouTube clip its worth checkin not like alot G shit clips), the rest of it is just classic skrilla huntin player shit from da bay! 
With production from Ant Banks (Big BAd ass) & Cold 187um  how can you go wrong.
Check 'straight laced', and 'serve game' were he uses a Souls of Mischief sample for the chorus and also Krs-One on some other songs, this is quite rare were a gangsta rapper would use other genres of hip hop for musical flavour and the Clinton steeze chorus on 'opening doors'. 
I chased a copy on ebay and was terribly disappointed. I paid $50 bucks for it and the pressing is the worse I have to date, this album is the reason i bought a mixer so i could get more gain on my amp, this was an investment because other pressings that weren't so bad I got more volume on. I checked the 2nd album and was really disappointed thinking I was finding a consecutive nugget find, he's done some stuff with Mac Dre, Celly Cel, and Spice 1 I still haven't checked yet, anyway here's the album for your mp3 pleasure maybe when a got an extra stash of cash I might get a copy of ebay or amazon on cd.

Peace, don't hate the funk just criticise when u take your dump

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