Thursday, April 16, 2009

On My MCM shit

Man I feel like a bit of a prodie tosser postin up stuff on clothes, but for those who arnt famillar with MCM u gotta see this shit. MCM is a german label that started in 70's and became the cream shit for B-Boys in the 80's and who ever could afford it, and still today is influencing hip hop fashion and who ever is doing hip hop fashion but not catering to heads.
I guess u could say its the Louis V  for the B-Boy (fuck i respect but hate this term for the way Breaking has gone), MCM still exists but they dont do clothing just womens hand bags Sheiiitt!! I saw the brown jacked below on ebay for starting bid of $700....damm..even if i made $2000 a week I wouldnt spend that money.

Heres some pics for u mad style rockas to check

Evidence knows the deal, not the dude on the left.

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