Thursday, April 16, 2009

House of the dead OVERKILL

I have had alot of fun with this game. It is only on Nintendo Wii, which I bought for my son. We have a Xbox 360 & PS3 so I usually buy for those consoles because the Wii usually is good for the kids or the classic Nintendo titles
This month after the disappointment of Resident Evil 5 and I decides to go with this after the salesman told me Tarintino had something to do with this release! Apparently this game has Guinness book record for the most cussing in a game. The way the cut scenes and the music are its done like its suposed to be a grindhouse flick even the way they do the menus with the messed up 8 milli film reel wash. I have yet to see wether Tarintino has anything to really do with the game or that was his sales pitch, but when he told me that I said I'll take it. Im on the 2nd last stage and when u finnish it u get unlock Varla Guns big tits and the Directors cut which is like a Harder version of the game with extra zombies and more guns. If u do have a Wii get this asap its the real reason why we play games to have fun

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