Thursday, April 16, 2009

Penthouse Players Clique

Im still speaking to people who haven't heard this, produced by Dj Quik and executive producer was Eazy-E released in 1992, I originally had this on cassette, then cd and now on vinyl(sealed) it is my all time favourite sleeper. Mr Cartoon also did the logo for them it was one of his 1st jobs, dope from beginning to end.
No rapper has a better pimped out vocal than Tweed Cadillac and spits like sinning reverend at the Tabernacle of a gangsta gospel sunday night service, u wanna argue the point then download the link, cuz this cat came before Snoop.
With guest appearance by Quik, AMG & Eazy -E this easily slots in nicely next to 'Born & raised in Compton' and  EFIL4ZAGGIN. Songs like 'P.L.F.' , "pimp lane', 'Smooth', (which samples the hit from The Emotions hit 'So i can love you') and 'jus 2 kep yo attenchen' make u feel like u your pimp kane is doin the wobble with the beat. Then u got the straight up pimp slap tracks like 'PS Phuck u' , 'Jus 2 kep ur attenchun' & 'trust no bitch' and also has some nice interludes to drink ya Yak to LOL.....
The album made it to #1 on the Heatseakers chart for Billboard which is section that focuses on up and coming artist predicted to make noise. This a fun album with a funk out pimp vibe, if you are looking for cutting edge or intelligent lyrics this is the wrong area for u to be in.


Joe C said...

Woody where's the link?

No way this shit is gonna be linked anywhere on the net.

And have you got any old South Central Cartel?

Link that too Jesus!!!!!!!!

Mr Clean said...

I like the 2nd one in gats we trust and the 1st one but not enuff 2 post it up, sori Correy masta

hypnotizeminds_2003 said...

maaaann on vinyl!! FUCK YEAH! DROPPIN BOMBS!!