Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Bad Bitch

Betty Davis-They say I'm Different

Betty Davis, Miles Davis's wife...She is a tall big woman with a bad ass voice and every time I think of her I picture her and Miles having sex and she's smashing his poor little heroin(and talented) body into the mattress! hahahah, no seriously now this album is a funk powerhouse from the 1st track  grabs you and makes u crease your brow and nod your head 'shoo-b-doop and cop him' is the 1st track and was sampled for Ice Cubes classic 'Once upon a time in the projects' my favourite Cube track hands down, I dont care what u say. Im gona post up the front and the back of the record cover because  I love it that much. other tracks like 'he was a big freak' & 'ya mama wants ya back speak for them selves, this album goes in the top 20 albums of funk real easy....Im sick of typing...i got shit to do.

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