Friday, April 17, 2009

open the windows and see further

Led Zeppelin- Physical Graffiti

My father had this record and when my parents got divorced around about when I was.....13, he left a stack of records behind there were only about 5-6 of them and he hadn't had a record player for years. This was one of them, he didnt want them any more neither did I so i sold them for a small amount of cash because thats when I started buying music, I needed my fix
Like any kid most of the time u find a genre and stick to it at till your at least 20 or so and then u venture out, besides Glam Rock Hip hop was my love till I was like 22 and then I started venturing out. I got into Rock & Punk from skating again, being exposed to alot of videos with music I have never heard before, and it happen to be the cream. I had always heard of Led Zep seen dudes wearing the T's and though it was some messy loud shit I wouldn't get into. Black Sabbath, Misfits, The Stooges( I used to see Iggy Pop and flip, like what the fuck) and Black Flag were the groups responsible for opening my void. I never had any direction just my own taste buds and jumped in. Alot my Hip hop mates were like wat the the fuck, but Id look at them like what the fuck u narrow minded idiot!
I couldn't find  link to Black Sabbath's  'sabbath bloody sabbath' so I got the next best thing, this beauty right here. I have a copy on Og vinyl which I did buy and really regret selling my Dads copy I might have discovered rock alot sooner in a raw fashion, and I remember being a amused as a youngin by the cover, it has windows cut into the card board cover were they are supposed to be on the building artwork, with a record sleeve with pictures and words on it that act as words and art peeping through the holes in the cover....hectik...heres some pics

This lp is 15 tracks deep and i didnt love all the songs on here but enough to give it 8.5, it has the classic track 'Kashmir' (used by Puffy the great wrecka) and my fave 'the wanton song' and right now my daughter and I are boogin on down to 'houses of the holy' cuz I caught her movin her leg to the beat! My little 21 month yr old, god bless her! 
this album gets better as u listen. then lets down in the middle and then picks back up. Led Zeppelin have mastered blues rock if u can call it that and are capable of producing albums with amazing dynamics, I know for alot of you who might read this blog might not dig it but just give it a try, as we all do go through and pick ya faves. peace

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