Monday, April 20, 2009


Do you have a girlfriend or wife that wont shut up??

Well go to petsworld and buy her a pig snout to chew, I saw this when we took our daughter to petsworld to see some doggies and I saw this shit, bloody disgusting, the kid working in there said dogs love it, they love that dirty taste, well it would taste like dirt if u had tour nose in mud, shit and up your pig pen mates arse all that pork yo!!

Kosher fish in a jar

Close up it looked like a cross between fish fingers with no crumbs and pickled dried bogs. It had so much liquid in there it made me sick lookin at it so i had to post it up. I know we eat fish packed in tins but something about the glass felt wrong, actually seeing these things float around in an abundance of liquid, it was processed as well not like whole sardines, salmon, or tuna. In all my years of shopping I have hardly seen anyone buy from a Kosher section in Coles or Woolies not even alot in Bondi, I guess they have their exclusive places where they don't have to mix, oh well everyone feels comfortable with their own, but u gotta cross the line every once and while.


Can't Draw said...

that's fuked

Adam said...

Gifilte makes you vomit!!

p.s. what is a what if you aint got a gun