Friday, April 17, 2009

Sorting thru the new jungle of shit

Strong Arm Steady - Gang Mentality

Of all the mixtapes in the last year I have had on my Ipod as a whole I felt that this one was the best. For those who dont know who Strong Arm Steady is they are Talib Kweli's outfit and consist of:

Mitchy Slick:the sharp tongues sandiago senator

Phil Da Agony:Barber Shop emc with the cannabis resin rugged off beat rant

Krondon:The Albino Magilla Gorilla with the baritone Rasp

Like papoose said, I got mixtapes better than your album, this one here fits the line. All word class quality bangers here with each member rocking a different style. Xzibit was also a member of the group but seems to have left THANK GOD!!!!THANK BUDDAH and SAI BUBA(sup Swarmy) I know it sounds hard but he hasn't released a good album since his 1st lp and Im not keepin it real, Im keepin it true. The opening track 'Sixteen' is real big with these fucked up organ sounds and surprisingly good sounding minimal autotune chorus(I hate that shit) and features Paul wall, the next highlight track is 'Black History' were each rapper talks about there family tree and their achievements...Dope....another thing bout this tape is it interludes, they are funny as fuck, listen out for the Dora the explorer shout out, u might not find it funny at 1st but the more I listened the more funny I thought it was. Not too sure bout Mitchy Slick but Krondon and Phil da Agony have been for around spittin on the scene for about 6-7 years. Phil got his light from reppin with the Liks and around the underground scene and I remember seeing a Krondon 12" white label about 6 yrs ago or so. Mitchy Slick also has a dope album called Urban Survival Syndrome which I will post up.Thats another talkin from me, cuz I dont even know whether u Reading or not.
Oh And Big Shouts to my Homeboy DJ SNIPs he's been workin with them, I'll put some of his tapes up too!! Stay logged up yo !!! 


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